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When we were looking to buy a home, we told our realtor what we were looking for and before she would take us anywhere else, she said, “You’ve got to see the Jewkes home.” She told us that almost all of the upgrades we were looking for in a home came standard in a Jewkes home and the quality and craftsmanship that the Jewkes put into each of their homes you can’t find anywhere else. Once we saw the model home we were sold and didn’t want to look anywhere else. We loved the entire process of building with Jewkes and they had great ideas to help make it the house of our dreams. Even after we had bought and paid and moved into our hose, they still made sure to check up on us to make sure everything was perfect. They were so personable and easy to work with. We love the home and the development that Jewkes and First Choice built!!

      The Bybees
Building a custom home can be daunting, and before you know it the costs can go through the roof. We talked to several home builders before deciding on Jewkes Brothers Construction. We liked their approach to custom home building. They had a number of plans and knew exactly how much it would cost to build each. We had the option of using one of their plans, designing one of our own, or customizing an existing plan. We chose the latter and have been very happy with the results. Jewkes Brothers made the process easy and we always knew where we stood with our budget. The results? We built a custom home that we’re proud to live in and the process was surprisingly painless.

      Steve and Leilani Tuttle
We love our Jewkes home! We had no problems working with our builders; they were quick to solve problems and they even noticed some that we hadn’t. The home is spacious and we have many of the amenities that we wanted in a new home. Ken has always been friendly, helpful, and efficient at fixing the small things that needed attention. We did not suffer any difficulties in the move and enjoyed working with Jewkes Brothers Construction.

      The Kilger Family

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